As the eighth largest country in the world, you’d be forgiven for losing yourself in the beautifully vast and contrasting landscapes of Argentina. Here, truly breathtaking destinations chop and change from lush wetlands and rain forests dotted with sparkling waterfalls to ragged snow-capped mountain ranges and the lush plateaus of the Pampas. It is here that the sprawling cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires beckons travellers to indulge in its fine eateries, exceptional shopping experiences and vibrant nightlife.

Argentinians are a proud people who strongly hold onto their many traditions. They are also incredibly accommodating in their hospitality. Each of the country’s 23 provinces boasts its own folklore and customs, ensuring travellers have an eclectic mix of cultures wherever they roam.

Argentina is home to a plethora of wildlife that range (amongst many others) from a myriad bird species (including three varieties of flamingo) to the shy puma, llamas, tapirs and raucous howler monkeys. Adventures are endless but the country is mostly known for its incredible scenic and glacier hikes, skiing and snowboarding, whale watching, horse riding, tango shows and lessons, cultural excursions, or visiting an authentic gaucho ranch.